12Bitz Audio Mastering

12/Bitz Audio Mastering

12/Bitz Audio is California-based professional audio mastering facility.  Employing both high-end analog gear and digital processors, your final product benefit from the best of both technologies.

Each project is different and deserving of every attention to sonic detail. As a result, your music will always receive a personalized touch. 12/Bitz Audio Mastering also provides reasonable prices and quick turnarounds. Satisfaction guaranteed.

I have over 30 years of combined experience recording and mixing artists, as well as 10 years as a mastering engineer. My main goal is that the final master will deliver the vision you have for your music.  Reach out on the contact page to get a quote, and we can discuss your project needs.

You’ve worked this hard on your art. Let’s make it sound its best

Michael @ 12/Bitz Audio