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Free Audio Effects Plugins Masterlist

A comprehensive list of audio processing plugins available for free download. This is a dynamic list and will be updated as new free audio plugins become available. If you would like to see any added to this list, feel free to contact me.

This list was conceived so that people starting up in all forms of professional audio or trying to do it with limited resources, can have access to as wide a set of tools as possible.

No virtual instruments, that’s a whole different category. We just cover processing plugins (including meters and whatnot), for mixing or mastering and sound design.

As always, if you’re looking for Audio Mastering services at a reasonable price with quick turnarounds, feel free to message me. For more about why you should master your songs, check out my post – ‘why master?’.


[VST, AU] “handsewn bespoke digital audio”

One dude, making a ton of free plugins.


Requires registration

Plugin Alliance

Requires registration


DMG Audio


Requires registration + ilok account

Solid State Logic

These are some old plugins that SSL had released for free on their website in the mid 2000s. They are no longer available on their main official site, but they are still mentioned on their site hosted in japan and the installation files still remain on their servers (to which we are linking to).

These installers will most likely not work on modern systems (Windows 10, MacOS)

Tokyo Dawn Labs

Variety of Sound

[32-bit VST only]

“In each of my effects there is a special technical design, workflow or concept combination I haven’t found in existing tools. Many developers these days just stick to old concepts, but you will never see a straight copy of existing gear from me. I always add some innovation, or find a way to evolve and take it to a new level.”

Slate Digital

Requires iLok account

Boz Digital Labs

Low Wave

  • SpikeQ – frequency based transient shaper



Requires registration + an installer with all their plugins



Native Instruments (Effects only)

Requires registration + Komplete Start

Minimal System Group

[Windows VST only] Requires registration

TAL Software




Free plugins made in Russia with love.


Aegean Music

Blue Cat Audio


Requires downloading an installer with all of their plugins, but you can select to install only the free bundle (or individual plugins).


Sonic Anomaly

[VST for Windows only and jSFX for Reaper (Win and Mac)]

Denis Tihanov



1208 Audio

[Windows VST]

Audio Damage




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