Steve Hiett | Girls In The Grass

Steve Hiett | Girls In The Grass

Three emotional years in the making, Be With and Efficient Space finally present Steve Hiett’s Girls In The Grass.

Truly one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in a long time. Steeped in emotion and endearingly minimal, ‘Girls in the Grass’ by Steve Hiett, is a lesson in vulnerability. The bright, yet warm, tones of the guitar tracks instantly brought me back to The Durutti Column’s ‘The Return Of The Durutti Column’, and Felt’s ‘Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty’. If you’ve never heard of fashion photographer-guitarist, Steve Hiett, you’re not alone. If it wasn’t for the Efficient Space record label’s effort to bring this to vinyl for the first time, it probably would have stayed buried in obscurity. For that, I commend them. Although the world is in such a terrible state lately, it’s nice to hear something that makes it marginally better to endure. A highly recommend album! Be sure to check out Efficient Space’s other offerings on their Bandcamp page.

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