12bitz mastering gear


Below are the fees for my services. All masters come with a high-res download in either WAV or AIFF format.

• Mastering Rates

1 Track: 50 per song

4 -9 Tracks: 40 per song

10+ Tracks: 35 per song

• Additional Formats

Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) master: 10 per song

Soundcloud optimization: 5 per song

Mastered for Cassette Format: 50 per project

DDP master: 50 per project

• Stem Mastering Rates

1+ Tracks: 90 per song

• Mixing Rates

1+ Tracks: 100 per song

• Revisions

2 revision are included at no additional charge. However, new mixes of songs after a job has already started will incur a new track charge.